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Of origin and technical applications of the ultracentrifuge

Add time:2014-09-11

.....1926 Swedish house chemist T.Sveberg create the world's first child, ultracentrifuge, maximum speed up to 45000r/min. 1929 Lamm derive the settlement equation. 1950s ultracentrifugation technology era of great change as a biochemical research tool As JTEdsall (1959) said, "there is no one technology better than the basic physical chemistry of biological macromolecules in ultracentrifugation. The 1970s is the era of great development of the ultracentrifuge and its application. Using ultracentrifugation analysis of available parameters such as molecular weight, density, molecular shape of particle deposition, and changes of these parameters in the process, separation of a mixture of purified sample can be used as components of basic (D.Freifelder, 1976).
Due to the progress of the theory, apparatus, continuous improvement (including precise control, such as the pool of centrifugal analysis, optical systems, temperature and rotation speed), especially the application of computer, now in a short period of time, we can accurately measure a mixture of The molecular weight of each component of the sample, the determination of macromolecular sedimentation coefficient and diffusion coefficient. Because a reliable theoretical basis of sample concentration on the molecular determination has been carefully analyzed, in the process of purification of proteins, the loss of amino acid molecules can also be used to analyze the method of ultracentrifugation check it out, like nucleic acid in the ultraviolet range large absorbance of the material, and their settlement behavior is easy to use absorption of light technology research, even at a concentration of 0.001% of the system.