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Home use electronic equipment--water mesotherapy

    Voltage 110V/240V    50Hz/60Hz
      Power   50W
      Display   4.3 inches LCD touch screen
      Multi-needle   3needles, 4needles, 5needles
      Mode   Low speed/High speed/ 10-250 times/min
      Advantage   Sing needle, Multi-needle, Vacuum, 3 in 1
      Single needle caliber   0.25mm,  Depth: 0.25~10mm
      Multi-needle caliber   0.25mm,  Depth:0.25~5mm
      Vacuum Flow   25L/min     Pressure: 90Kpa



    1) Moisturizing; 

    2) wrinkles, large pores, skin sagging;
    3) freckles, date spot, age spots, melasma, pigmentation and other pigment disorders;
    4) telangiectasia, skin flushing, rosacea, erythema, acne and other vascular diseases;
    5) skin muddy, finish lower, more sebum, acne. 



    • Applicated for endogenous and exogenous injection
    • 5 pins injection technology which can speed up the treatment process
    • Easy to operate, no side effects, but significant effect
    • Adjustable injection depth, doses, speed and suction intensity.
    • Anti-backflow technology applicated for medicine and blood.
    • Stimulate the skin for self-healing, promote skin metabolism