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Balance of laboratory centrifuge rotor

Add time:2014-09-11

The laboratory shall be installed centrifuges notices

The laboratory of five points installed centrifuges analytical

1 properly installed

(1) the power supply voltage: voltage fluctuation will meet within 10% of the national standards, or some manufacturer centrifuge is not normal operation. If the voltage fluctuation on the above, the proposal with regulators, for up to the power grid.

(2) ground to prison: the power of the room wiring to comply with the requirements. Our country is three-phase four wire. Three phase is the three-phase power industry, the use of three-phase when power lines and ground zero apart, more important is whether three-phase industry electricity or general single-phase electric or ground should be reliable, lest leakage, ground in heat tube, can't come to the water pipe.

(3) laboratory to level off, firm ground: for large centrifuge speaking, in the installation site move the floor should be firm, ensure the rotor can work normally centrifuge, don't do to recessed, installation fixed place the ground should be smooth and firm.

(4) the good level: find a correct small level feet, centrifuge lid on it, in the spindle for level, through the adjustment of the next four casters where the twist of the dynamic adjustment bolts to adjusted the level, pay attention to one foot can't fail.

2 sample loading find balance

Centrifuge in design and manufacture, processing error on rotor imbalance brought, has become the remedy of dynamic balance test, but all centrifuge, has a corresponding sample loading is out of balance.

The centrifuge in order to the corresponding manufacturer centrifuge biggest imbalance set limit to the index and other manufacturers competition, try to give larger value. In the larger value, centrifuge could work, but this time to produce the unbalance force per minute n time frequency suddenly shock bearing and support, centrifuge is damaged. Therefore, users for those expensive centrifuge, try to find the right balance after centrifugal, to the life of the centrifuge is good.

3 clean centrifugal cavity effusion

When working centrifuges use refrigeration, because the moisture of the air, in a centrifuge chamber frost, after downtime frost into water. Most foreign low-speed capacity centrifuge, no osculum, centrifugal cavity the product more water. At this time, the user should be to dismantle the rotor, clean water. In reinstall rotor, be sure to pack good, avoid accidents.

4 aluminum alloy can't from corrosion

Centrifuge rotor is generally use aluminum alloy manufacture, when after from corrosion intensity decreased, easily accident. Aluminum alloy is susceptible to liquid corrosion, clean application blower, work, or reversed a period of time, confirm dry to use. Some blood stations import centrifuges, six aluminum cup due six plastic there's no. "Should be put in plastic department, avoid direct put on aluminum glass. Pay attention to whether tube crack. If the test tube (especially repeatedly used the test tubes) have crack, absolutely not use, or in use tube rupture can cause rotating rotor lost balance and could cause broken shafts malignant accidents.

Five broken shaft accident

The rotor not placed the good, or put the sample doesn't balance more than quantity is too big, centrifuge start. The modern import centrifuges are not balance though protection, and that is when the balabcing above a certain limit, should to be automatic without electricity, and, in the centrifuge stalled. But in this situation, is late, can appear malignant accidents. Malignant accident is one of broken axis, because of the high speed rotating shaft suddenly broken, centrifugal rotor without support, in centrifugal cavity disorderly to turn disorderly bump, can make the machine to turn 270 Angle centrifuge. At this point, if a member of staff or next to equipment, can cause staff and destroy the accident casualties equipment.

Be sure to correct installation laboratory centrifuge, in order to avoid unnecessary damage!