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Customer feedback of Yingtai PRP centrifuge

Add time:2014-11-10

Feedback of Yingtai PRP centrifuge


Our company already made PRP centrifuges according to different PRP tube and PRP kit, and already made Demo Unit for many PRP kit supplier.


Our customer from Korea, told us our PRP rotor is perfect for their PRP kit. No need use any adapter, when the PRP kit using open or close system.


One of our customer from Arab, also very satisfied with our PRP centrifuge, and told us our centrifuge is very elegant.


One of our customer from Romania, told us our centrifuge is very good, and want to our distributor~


Of course, the feedback about our PRP centrifuge is not just above, what we want to let our customers know is our company can make different PRP centrifuge according to customers' requirement. And our company welcome more and more distributors and customers to contact us for more information about our centrifuges.


Please don't forget to email us or call us to more information. 

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