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Repair for Time Setting of Centrifuge

Add time:2014-09-11

...We received one call for Centrifuge repair. recently. The centrifuge used in blood bank has problem in time setting. It can not stop with the setting time, but the centrifuge is without error display. Now, we have asked our after-service centrifuge technician with this question, and supply the solving method for your reference.

Centrifuge information :

ModalL:TXD4 Centrifuge used in blood bank

Centrifuge : Changsha Yingtai Instrument Co., Ltd

Delivery time from factory: Sep, 2008

Max Speed: 4000r/min

Timer: 0-99h59min

Capacity Volume: 12X15ml

Applicable places: Blood bank, blood station, Hospital

Error analysis:

In the case of centrifuge without error display, you must consider if your operation is right or wrong. Such as speed setting error , rotor placing unbalanced, can not stop normally. Parameter setting error. In addition, the centrifuge itself also has the problems of Carbon brush excessive abrasion, main board aged, short circuit and Control panel error.

Solving method:

The operator should eliminate the possible reasons resulting in Centrifuge error with condition permit. If not operation reason, you must contact the professional technician and Centrifuge factory. Please pay attention that Non- professional technician can not unpack the instrument blindly .If not operation reason, you must contact the professional technician or centrifuge factory.