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Sludge dewatering equipment parking reasons and repair

Add time:2014-09-11

Cause of sludge dewatering equipment failure parking phenomenon, many reasons, solve the problem of sludge dewatering equipment downtime basically has the following measures:

(1) according to the sludge dewatering equipment manufacturer factory's instructions strictly operation, try not to keep their operation;

(2) the sludge dewatering equipment will be in some key operation and the key operation into the standard system form;

(3) sludge dewatering equipment to supply room temperature, set rules summer water level, concrete numerical control;

(4) strengthen job training, and enhance the technical personnel's service level;

(5) earnestly implement the "quantitative management", "quality and efficient process management";

Digital library of standing on 6 create, improve operation equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis of online, will equipment repair to the state overhaul instead of previous plans to overhaul.

Sludge dewatering equipment parking reasons and repair