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The large capacity centrifuge rotor balance principle

Add time:2014-09-11

The quality of the rotating systems caused by imbalance is the main cause of vibration, lead to destruction of the many factors centrifuge, rotor balance test or loading test tube inserted put asymmetry is common cause. Zones don't need to balance the rotor, but in the sample loading and sampling in the process, must ensure that this will guarantee the rotor balance pipeline flow, make assigned to each sector of the room liquid, sample uneven gradient. Angle rotor and evade rotor demanded the centrifugal pipe, casing, samples and tube cap on the scales together for weighing balance.

Especially in large capacity centrifuges use successfully used in vertical rotor (including Angle rotor), the key is that seal centrifugal tube. In vertical centrifugal rotor in the process, the cap should get the pressure of the liquid inside, in addition to ensure good to ensure the sealing cap, centrifugal tube and tube of rotor with, make the tube to minimize the amount of air, then can make the centrifugal tube to minimize the degree of collapse.