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How to control the vibration of the centrifuge

Add time:2014-09-11

The centrifuge with a variety of knowledge when the design to allow the comprehensive utilization of certain processing error, the vibration control of the centrifuge in a normal range. But if users use undeserved, can destroy the design balance, resulting in serious accidents.

The work is not only the centrifuge speed critical speed, rotor to regulated stable. The work is not high speed to low speed centrifuge, general as far as possible to improve the critical speed, the centrifuge critical speed in the operation. The centrifuge shaft is very thick, rigidity, called the axle. When speed high requirement, as low as possible critical speed, shaft do fine some, stiffness small, called the flexible shaft, the modern speeding centrifuge are using the flexible shaft.

Critical speed and centrifuge and the rotor with relevant. A centrifuge can be used for a number of rotor, therefore design should be considered when the centrifuge centrifuge damping design of all kinds of rotor inclusiveness. The centrifuge work a wide range, from thousands of RPM to tens of RPM, centrifuge vibration happened the higher speed, the greater the risk.

Once in high speed vibration occurred, shall be immediately to the fastest slow down the centrifuge stalled file, all personnel should be quickly leave the scene, lest produce an accident shafts of broken injury. Can never without electricity, and, in a without electricity, and, in the brakes (fast falling rate) did not have, rotor stalled slowly. The accident is due to the general improper operation centrifuge, such as the rotor in spindle didn't put on good, the lid of the rotor didn't cover, beating the hanging basket rotor didn't put good, etc. This accident structure is accompanied with great sound, 300 ~ 400 kg Shanghai centrifuge suddenly the 270 degree rotation. Open the lid, see lying in cavity rotor, take out the rotor, observed that the edges of the rotor face serious scratch becomes angry, centrifugal cavity wall will damage, even refrigerants leakage. Sometimes the rotor and rotor cover separation, tube the liquid on the cavity and spindle disconnect or serious bending. Because the user's improper operation of this ongoing accident, modern centrifuge generally has no balance protection function. That is when the centrifuge start once the rotor vibration is more than a certain size, centrifuge is automatically stop falling rate, has the properties of the centrifuge sometimes omission, can't not guarantee that the accident.

The centrifuge in high speed rotating rotor will cause vibration, but flexible shaft have "automatically adjustable heart function". Its action principle is in high-speed rotor produce when rotating disk effect, make flexible shaft bending flexibility to the reaction from the geometric center of the rotor axis deviation from the geometric center of spindle back online, vibration disappeared. Otherwise, don't disappear.