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Using centrifuges to pay attention to safety

Add time:2014-09-11

According to China's guangxi news-austral today report (centrifuge work suddenly burst) reporting:

Some time ago, is located in liuzhou Yang and work of new guangxi China tin group Co., LTD. Metal materials enterprise (hereinafter referred to as the metal materials) branch ferrie sulfate-potassium thiosulfate the workshop, the one is the centrifuge suddenly burst homework, will be a worker wounded. Because of his injuries, the death disables via rescue workers.

"Nearly 12 noon, when a male workers were equipment blown to seriously, and have been delivered to the liuzhou people's hospital!" At noon yesterday, the reporters are attempting to get people's hospital emergency departments, and found that the name is liang, this year more than 40 years old, is the metal material branch staff, quite serious injury. Medical researchers said, if you want to understand relevant situation reporter, accompanied the wounded to come to some of my colleagues about. But when reporters found several of the outdoor waiting for rescue is metal material branch staff, ready to find relevant situation that identity, was rejected.

Then, reporter to liuzhou safety supervision bureau reflecting the situation, this time from the already nearly an hour. But the head of the safety supervision bureau, said they had received no metal materials about the branch the report of the accident. Since the populace reflects, they'll inform Yang and industrial district safety supervision bureau to check.

Nearly two in the afternoon, the reporter arrived metal materials enterprise gate, see Yang and industrial district safety supervision bureau personnel. Because the company can not contact, the person in charge of the moment they get into the scene. The bureau li chief says, they just got metal materials about the accident branch of the report. Then, lee chief and has metal materials, and the safety of the branch of leaves the deputy manager contact requires each other immediately staff to help arrange survey the scene of the accident. Two hours later, leaves the deputy manager to come out.

Leaves the deputy manager Yang and industry with the new safety supervision bureau work staff know acknowledge that the time for yesterday morning at about 11, location is the company's ferrie sulfate-potassium thiosulfate workshop. Reporter with the staff into the shop, see the east have 1 set to 4, 4 sets more than 2 meters in diameter of centrifuge, among them 1 centrifuge shell part didn't trace and shadow, the glass fiber reinforced plastic and metal shell has been divided into three parts, the biggest part of the fly to 5 meters a metal roof, two other respectively in 1 part off east and south centrifuge four or five meters. In no. 1 centrifuge south four or five meters, there are some stones.

Leaves the deputy manager introduced, at that time, LiangMou workers fall in place stones. Before the incident, LiangMou 4 centrifuges in care. Suddenly, no. 1 in the outer reaches of the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell and centrifuge stainless steel inside the shell exploded all, LiangMou was knocked to the ground, right away in a stupor, blood dc. Colleagues looked at hurriedly call 120 for help. Not and in a short while, liuzhou safety supervision bureau production safety supervising detachment also rushed to the same get involved.

Then, the reporter returns liuzhou people's hospital. Li doctor introduction, the injured to hospital LiangMou, double lower limb fractures, private parts in more and head injury, is already in shock. After more than one hour rescue, LiangMou of his wounds heal invalid death. The doctor says, the cause of death is LiangMou uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock.

Reporters from liuzhou city administration department is that, the relevant departments of the accident investigation team has composed the investigation.