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The driving force of enterprise development -- independent innovation

Add time:2014-09-11

Innovation itself is a kind of culture, especially when the independent innovation becomes an industry the main thrust, the development of this industry will have a continuous power. China Construction machinery enterprise development so far, the industry as a whole has been permeated with a rich culture of innovation, innovation as a force in enterprise culture and enterprise development and cut a striking figure.

In the Liugong, center of national level technology has 8 product research institute and the4colleges and universities to establish a joint research and development center;2007, Sany R & D investment reached 800000000 yuan, the three one R & D can support the annual sales of 20000000000 Yuan scale. In the group, the first domestic advanced enterprise research center, becomes the enterprise important test, research and development platform ... ... In the Chinese construction machinery enterprises, such examples be too numerous to enumerate.

" At present, the domestic many enterprises are carrying on independent innovation independent innovation, but there are five key," Chinese famous brand strategy promotion committee, deputy director Ai Feng said:" a leader is caught personally is independent innovation; two is to have organizational measures, enterprises in the range of possible to establish research and development institutions; three is to have a good mechanism; four is to play our country advantage, the advantage of low labor cost for research and development; five is to have an accurate understanding of independent innovation, it is the independent innovation, not self innovation, we can stand on the shoulders of giants, many foreign achievements we can use, digest it, absorption, innovate again."

As noted above, enterprise development and innovation is the force, our company for many years the production of high-speed centrifuge, low-speed centrifuges, centrifuge, large capacity refrigerated centrifuge, cell smear centrifuge, blood type card centrifuge, slide drying centrifuges, biological pharmaceuticals for continuous separation centrifuges and other various types of centrifuge, and can be customized according to customer requirements various types of special centrifuges products. At the Fifth China International Scientific Instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition won the China Instrument Industry Association of independent innovation award.