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Improve the experiment of high speed centrifuge operation and maintenance methods

Add time:2014-09-11

High speed centrifuge operation procedures

1.high speed centrifuge bench shall be formed strong, work should be clean, dry and well ventilated.

2.turn on the power switch, indicating lamp is bright.

3. turn off power switch.

4. open centrifugal cover, will be inside the cavity and turned to wipe clean.

5.loading weighing consistent test tube.

6. closed centrifugal cover.


8turn on the power switch

9adjustable speed control knob in the desired speed.

10 at a time when. Speed control knob must be placed in the lowest position. Timer zero. Then close the power switch.

11cavity and rotor rub. Closed centrifugal cover.

High speed centrifuge maintenance

1 centrifugal cover do not place any substance, each time after use, be sure to clean up the inner cavity and the head.

2high speed centrifuge if long time does not use, before use should be centrifuge lid opening for a period of time, the drying chamber.

3motor carbon brush in use after 3000 hours, the replacement should be timely, so as not to wear the commutator.

4high speed centrifuge after long-term use, wear is a normal phenomenon.