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Changsha, limited company of instrument of blood group serology multi-use centrifuge safety protection

Add time:2014-09-11

Changsha, limited company of instrument of blood group serology multi-use centrifuge provides ten kinds of safety protection:

1, overspeed protection

In order to ensure the safety of the use of the company's products, the instrument in the preparation of procedures, in the apparatus operation speed setting (i.e., high running speed exceeds the maximum speed of the rotor using the4000r/min ), the instrument will automatically shut down, the display window to display the ERR8.

In 2, the motor fault protection

If the damage to the motor or other fault, causing the motor is not in operation, the instrument can automatically shutdown, window display ERR2.

In 3, the door cover not closed protection

Operating personnel door cover not closed in place, not locked door lock, press the start button apparatus is not in operation, the display window to display the ERR1.

In 4, shut down power to charge protection

When the centrifuge for external power failure or centrifuge fuse caused power shutting down, centrifuge stop running, open key due to power loss function. At this time, to protect the test solution, we in the centrifuge bottom is provided with a pull ring, please downward pull ring, the door cover can be opened from the centrifugal chamber, tube can be removed.

5, in order to protect the personal safety of operation personnel, apparatus in the process of operation, not allowed to open the door cover. Centrifuge itself with the protection function, namely the speed of more than100r/min, the door cover switch automatically cuts off the lock power. When the operator error press button to open the door, door lock has no reaction, the door cover is not opened, guarantee the safe operation of the centrifuge. But strictly follows the illegal operation:

(1) centrifuge in operation, or speed is not reduced to100r/min, no human pulling apparatus bottom ring, open the door cover. Prohibit the use of hand forcing the rotor to stop running, so easy to cause personal injury.

(2) no human power switch off, and then turn on the power supply, then the instrument procedures that speed is 0, according to the opening key, the door is open, easy to mislead the operators force the rotor stops running.

6, centrifuge tubes should be regularly updated, prohibited the use of the verge of breakdown centrifuge tube.

In 7, a tube cover is to prevent the in vitro test spatter and aerosol overflow, in the separation of hazardous substances, not only rely on the tube cover, opened the door to cover or cleaning centrifugal cavity, pay attention to overflow the harmful substances splash injury to the operator.

In8, the centrifuge rotor damage events allows the apparatus to move around30cm,30cm may be placed in a centrifuge for dangerous goods.

9, equipment when working, operator should not rely on in a centrifuge, a staff, not in a safe space for.

In 10, a centrifuge instrument failure, forbidden blame professional repair, professional repair personnel should be asked to repair or to be sent back to the company repair apparatus. Repair, must first disconnect the power plug. Because of the power plug is not pulled, instruments have been shut off the power switch, but only broken control panel power, power supply original still has power, then open the rear cover or the front cover repair, will shock.