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Preparation Steps Before Using A Yingtai High-Speed Centrifuge

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Preparation Steps Before Using A  Yingtai  High-Speed Centrifuge

When using a high-speed centrifuge, it is essential to make some preparations in advance to avoid unnecessary faults during normal operation. This ensures the smooth operation of the high-speed centrifuge and can extend its service life. So, what specific preparations are required before using a high-speed centrifuge? Here is a brief introduction.

There are quite a few preparations to be made before using a high-speed centrifuge. First, we must ensure that all buttons on the inspection panel of the centrifuge are in their designated positions and check if the power switch is correctly positioned. It is most normal when the potentiometer and locator are properly adjusted. Additionally, before using the centrifuge, we need to check whether the samples placed in each test tube are of equal volume and whether the rotor is symmetrically placed. This prevents issues like vibrations or other problems during operation due to asymmetrical placement or uneven weights.

Now, we have a better understanding of the necessary preparations before using a high-speed centrifuge. Besides making these preparations, it is also crucial to operate according to the standard procedures. When using the centrifuge, ensure that the test tubes are placed inside and their caps are tightly secured, and cover the centrifuge with the glass lid before plugging in the power cord and turning on the power. Then, set the required speed or time based on the sample separation requirements. After the operation is complete, turn the speed control knob to zero, and only after the centrifuge has stopped should you remove the test tubes for analysis.

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