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Yingtai Freeze Dyrer Technical Q&A Part 02

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Yingtai Freeze Dyrer Technical Q&A Part 02

1. Can the sample be directly placed into the freeze-dryer for primary drying?

  No! The sample must be completely frozen into a solid first (the pre-freezing temperature is generally 10~15℃ below the eutectic point of the sample) before primary drying can begin. Otherwise, the sample may bubble and splash.

2. How long does it take to freeze-dry a sample?

  Freeze-drying typically takes around 24 hours. However, the specific duration varies depending on factors such as sample thickness, properties, vacuum level, temperature, and container type.

3. How can I quickly defrost after freeze-drying without becoming an "ice-chipping tool"?

  The Yingtai freeze-dryer features a reverse hot gas defrost function with built-in refrigerant. With a single button press, you can quickly defrost and efficiently proceed to the next experimental stage.

4. During the freeze-drying process, why does the sample melt even though the cold trap temperature and vacuum level are stable at the set values?

  There is a one-to-one relationship between temperature and vacuum. The sample's temperature and state are maintained by the vacuum. Without a temperature compensation algorithm, the vacuum gauge cannot accurately detect vacuum levels in low-temperature environments, resulting in unreliable vacuum data, which in turn affects the freeze-drying of the sample.

5. I want a comfortable and clean laboratory environment. Does the vacuum pump emit oil and pollute the environment?

  The Yingtai vacuum pump operates smoothly with low noise and is equipped with oil mist filters as standard, ensuring that the experimental environment remains free from contamination.

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