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Yingtai: Solutions For Difficulty In Removing Centrifuge Rotors

Views: 167     Author: 英泰仪器有限公司     Publish Time: 2024-07-09      Origin: 长沙英泰仪器有限公司公众号

Yingtai: Solutions For Difficulty In Removing Centrifuge Rotors

Some customers have reported difficulty in removing the rotor when changing it. Our engineers at Yingtai have systematically analyzed the causes of this issue and developed corresponding solutions. This problem usually occurs when the same rotor has been used for a long time. The prolonged use leads to physical adhesion between the center sleeve of the spindle and the central hole of the rotor due to reverse rotational forces, making it difficult to remove the rotor.

The solutions provided by Yingtai centrifuge engineers are as follows:

1. First, unscrew the fixing screw. If it does not come out easily, apply some lubricant and wait for 10 minutes before trying again. If it still cannot be unscrewed, please contact after-sales support.

2. After unscrewing the fixing screw, if the rotor cannot be removed, two people are needed to operate. One person should use a T-shaped tool (the lower end of the T-shaped tool should align vertically with the spindle), aim at the spindle, and gently tap downwards with a small hammer. (Be careful not to use too much force or deviate from the spindle to prevent misalignment.)

3. While one person is tapping, the other person should hold both sides of the rotor with both hands and gently lift it upwards until the rotor is removed.

4. After removal, clean the dirt on the spindle with a clean cloth. Repeatedly install and remove the rotor head three times to ensure that the central hole of the rotor does not adhere to the spindle.

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