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Freeze Dryer/ Lyophilizer BD1-1,BD1-6,BD2-6

Freezer Dryer, 3kgs-6kgs water capturer, 
  • BD1-1, BD1-6,BD2-6

  • Yingtai


Character of Yingtai laboratory scale freeze dryer

Small size, and light weight

Compact construction of tabletop freeze dryer

Suitable for small samples drying

Advantage of Yingtai 3kgs smallest lab scale freeze dryer 

3kg water capture capacity, which can meet the needs of general laboratory freeze-drying capacity

-70°C ultra-low temperature cold trap, which can capture conventional organic solvents

Direct-capture coil cold trap with higher efficiency and better ice-catching effect

The cold trap and condenser coil are all Teflon anti-corrosion treatment, which can freeze-dry organic solvents

Large flat flange type silicone seal, effectively guarantee the vacuum tightness, no need to apply any auxiliary sealing silicone grease forever

One-button operation, the host and the vacuum pump are linked, no manual operation required

The Pirani vacuum sensor with automatic temperature compensation can accurately detect the vacuum degree in the chamber at each stage

Removable sample shelf with special holes for centrifuge tubes, making it easier to place and adjust the height

Various types of chambers and T-frame configurations can fully meet the user's sample placement

Vacuum pumps and sample placement chambers can be freely combined according to user needs, making the configuration more flexible and convenient

Techinical parameter

Item No




24/h water capture capacity




Cold trap temperature




Cold trap volume




Freeze dried chamber

High permeability organic glass/multi manifold external valve/stainless steel chamber

Sample shelf

φ 200mm stainless steel with 3-5 layers available

●Stainless steel φ 260mm/485mm. 3-10 layers/optional

●Electric heating/manual capping/optional

vacuum pump

Standard configuration

Oil mist filter

Extreme vacuum 4 * 10-4mbar,with a pumping capacity of 78L~200L/optional pump of various types

Vacuum pump connection pipe

Single forming stainless steel flexible pipe DN16 ISO-KF L-1.2m

anti-corrosive treatment

Cold trap, condensing coil/all equipped with PTFE anti-corrosion treatment as standard. Freeze-drying organic solvents

External valve


1-48 pieces/optional

Eutectic point detection system


Data output analysis







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