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Laboratory Conventional Freezer Dryer/ Lyophilizer ST7003,ST7006,ST9006

Freezer Dryer, 3kgs-6kgs water capturer
  • ST7003,ST7006,ST9006

  • Yingtai


 Control  System:   

 5.4”LCD   Touch   Screen   Display

>The display can simultaneously display:all main parameters such as cold trap temperature,vacuum degree,sample temperature, and shelf temperature.

>Schematic diagram of equipment operating components,through graphic display to view the working status of each component of the equipment.

>Ithas  the  functions  of  cold  trap  precooling  and  vacuum  pump  preheating,and  the  time  can  be  set  by  the  userin  the  system. >Display  whether  the  current  running  status  is  normal  or  not  by  numerical  color.

>Built-in    saturated    vapor     pressure    &temperature    corresponding     relationship    table,dearly     displaying    the    corresponding     relationship.

o One-key operation,the operation is extremely simple,no special professional learning and training is required.

o Thermal electromagnetic over-current and short-circuit protection,making the equipment run more safely and stably. 

o Active reminder of equipment maintenance time and vacuum pump replacement lubricating oil time.

o Ambient    temperature    monitoring,the    device    automatically     reminds    the    alarm    if    the    ambient    temperature     is    too    high.

o Optional eutectic point detection device and endpointjudgment detection system make freeze-drying more scientific.

Drying chamber

· The separate drying chamber reduces the probability of damage caused byimproper handling of the drying cham

ber due to height and weight.The upper cover is anodized aluminum with anti-corrosion treatment.

●Highly transparent plexiglass drying chamber,good light and heat radiation conduction.Reserve 6/12 external   valve ports.

· 316L stainless steel all black Teflon coating drying chamber,suitable for drying organic solvents and  various corrosive samples,reserved for 6/12 external ports.

· 316L stainless steel vertical multi-port multi-manifold external rack

(The standard configuration is aplexiglass drying chamber,and one ofthe diying chambers can be optional)

Cold trap and

condensing coil

· The cold trap cavity and condensation coil are made of 316L stainless steel.Large opening and channel design,the gas can be quickly captured through the condensing coil.

· The cavity and condensing coil are equipped with Teflon anti corrosion coating as standard,which can trap organic solvents and various corrosive solvents.

· The condensing coil is placed in the cold trap to increase the condensate catchment area,which can effectively prevent external condensation.

Sample shelves

· 316Lstainless steel stackable sample shelves,capable oflyophilizing machine solvents and various corrosive  solvents.Each shelf can be placed and taken freely without manual work.The distance and height ofeach shelf

can be adjusted freely.

-All black coating,good heat absorption performance.

-Special hole for freeze-drying of centrifuge tubes,which is conducive to the drying of samples in centrifuge

tube containers.

· All-aluminum Teflon surface anti-corrosion treatment electric heating shelf.



· Danffos compressor

Copper plate heat exchanger,the largest area to increase heat dissipation

· Unique refrigeration technology,the temperature of the cold trap can be lowered from ambient temperature

to below-80C°within 2 minutes.

· Class A temperature sensor with high temperature accuracy and low error.

· Multiple detection and alarm system,the refrigeration system pressure is too high or refrigeration failure cantimely alarm and take corresponding measures.

Techinical parameter

Item No




Ice condenser capacity




Ice condenser temperature




Cold trap volume




Freeze dried chamber

Bell shape (standard configuration)/Multi manifold type/T-shaped frame type

Sample shelf

φ200mm.Single layer area 0.03m2 with 3-5 layers available

●260mm/485mm.Single layer area 0.055m²/0.185m².3-10 layers/optional ● Electric heating/manual capping/optiona

Vacuum pump

Extreme vacuum 5*10*mbar with a pumping capacity of 8m³/h optional pump of various types

Oil mist filte

Standard configuration

Vacuum pump connection pipe

Single forming stainless steel flexible pipe DN16 ISO-KF L-1.2m

Anti-corrosive treatment

Cold trap,condensing coil/all equipped with PTFE anti-corrosion treatment as standard. Freeze-drying organic solvents.

External valve


1-48 pieces/optional

Eutectic point detection system


Data output analysis










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