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TG18 Tabletop 21000rpm High Speed Low Speed Non-refrigerated Large Capacity Multi-purpose lab centrifuge 800ml /500ml bottles & 5/7/10/15/50ml tubes

Metal housing with 3-tiers protection. It can hold both swing out rotors and angle rotors in low speed and high speed spining to switch smoothly.  And its Quiet noise, Less vibration & variety rotors guarantee a perfect separation.
  • TG18

  • Yingtai

  • 8421199090


TG18 Tabletop 21000rpm High Speed Low Speed Non-refrigerated Large Capacity Multi-purpose lab centrifuge 800ml /500ml bottles & 5/7/10/15/50ml tubes. And holding Angle Rotors like 24x1.5/2ml, 6x50ml, high speed separation smooth.


TG18 Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge Application:

It's widely used in the field of animal and plant molecular biology, which is the ideal instrument for seperating the chemical substances in the cell and purifing the microorganisms, viruses, bacteira and subcelluar etc.

TG18 High Speed/Low Speed Centrifuge Features:

1. Max. Speed 21000rpm, max. volume 4x800ml, can be used for 5ml/10ml/15ml/30ml/50ml/100ml centrifuge tubes.

2. Brushless DC motor in great torque, no powder pollution, free maintenance, quick in speed up and down.

3. Can store 10 programs, automatically calculate and synchronously display the RCF data. Digital display indicates the speed, time, temperature and RCF. The parameters can be changed in operation, no need to stop the centrifuge which is quite convenient.

4. The centrifuge body is made of high-quality steel, and with high-quality steel centrifuge chamber, safe and reliable.

5.  Automatically electric lid lock, over speed/over temperature protection and imbalance protection.

6. There are many kinds of rotors for your choice, both in high speed and low speed.

TG18 High Speed/Low Speed Centrifuge Technical Parameters:

Max. Speed 21000rpm
Max. RCF 30910xg
Max. Capacity 4x800ml
Timer 0-99min
Speed Accuracy ±20rpm
Noise(DB) ≤65DBA
Voltage(V/HZ) AC220V/110V,50HZ 10A
Dimension(LxWxHmm) 685x500x385mm
Net Weight(Kg) 70KG
Certificates CE, ISO
Warranty 1 Year

TG18 High Speed/Low Speed Centrifuge Matched Rotors:

Order No. Rotor Type Max Speed(r/min) Volume(ml) Max. RCF(xg)
G18-1 Swing Rotor 4000 4x800ml 3450
G18-2 Microplate Rotor 4000 4x4x96well 2940
G18-3 Microplate Rotor 4000 2x4x96well 3210
G18-4 Microplate Rotor 4000 2x3x48well 2300
G18-5 Swing Rotor 4000 4x30x5ml vacuum tube 2840
G18-6 4x30x7ml vacuum tube 3140
G18-7 4x18x10ml vacuum tube 3140
G18-8 Swing Rotor 4000 Fat bottle 3830
G18-9 Fixed Rotor 16000 4x8PCR 15760
G18-10 Fixed Rotor 15000 6x8PCR 21420
G18-11 Fixed Rotor 16000 8x8PCR 17480
G18-12 Fixed Rotor 15000 12x8PCR 22930
G18-13 Fixed Rotor 15000 40x0.5ml 22920
G18-14 Fixed Rotor 21000 12x1.5/2ml 30910
G18-15 Fixed Rotor 16000 24x1.5/2ml 23440
G18-16 Fixed Rotor 14000 30x1.5/2ml 20800
G18-17 Fixed Rotor 13000 48x1.5/2ml 17930
G18-18 Fixed Rotor 16000 16x5ml 22020
G18-19 Fixed Rotor 16000 6x10ml 21500
G18-20 Fixed Rotor 15000 12x10ml 22680
G18-21 Fixed Rotor 13000 16x10ml 19490
G18-22 Fixed Rotor 13000 8x15ml 17790
G18-23 Fixed Rotor 11000 12x15ml 14330
G18-24 Fixed Rotor 5000 24x15ml 3500
G18-25 Fixed Rotor 5000 30x15ml 3830
G18-26 Fixed Rotor 14000 6x30ml 19060
G18-27 Fixed Rotor 13000 6x50ml(conical) 18840
G18-28 Fixed Rotor 13000 6x50ml(round) 18730
G18-29 Fixed Rotor 5000 12x50ml 3860
G18-30 Fixed Rotor 4000 24x50ml 2970
G18-31 Fixed Rotor 13000 4x85ml 18940
G18-32 Fixed Rotor 12000 4x100ml 14850
G18-33 Fixed Rotor 10000 6x100ml 11380
G18-34 Fixed Rotor 4000 12x100ml 2970
G18-35 Fixed Rotor 12000 24 capillaries 15800
G18-36 Swing Rotor 15000 4x5ml 19920
G18-37 Vertical Rotor 16000 16x5ml 16540
G18-38 Vertical Rotor 14000 8x30ml 19750


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